July 12, 2010

Screening Compounds Special Offer


Life Chemicals Inc. is happy to make you a special offer. Now you can buy representative sets of our best screening compounds at a significantly reduced price. Compounds for these diversity sets have been selected using Tripos SYBYL8.0 software. Two sets are available now:

5000 diversity set at $3,80 per compound, Tanimoto coefficient =0,61
3000 diversity set at $4,10 per compound, Tanimoto coefficient =0,55

Formatting: 1mg of solid substance in Matrix 96 deepwell plates #4211. The quoted price includes cost of plates and all handling and delivery costs.

All the compounds follow Lipinski's Rule of 5. All of them have purity of at least 90%; LCMS or/and NMR spectra are available upon request free of charge. Life Chemicals guarantees possibility of re-supply and re-synthesis. If you find any hits, we will be able to deliver you related compounds based on the same scaffold or design new libraries around those hits.

For more information please send a  message to